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Missionary TOONS Pictures by Scott T. Petersen

A note from the artist:

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well I believe that is very true.  I’ve spent over 20 years drawing and working for companies like Disney and Warner Brothers on Feature films and Television productions and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed anything more than drawing these Missionary TOONS pictures.  From the time I made my first one in Guatemala while serving my own mission, to the most recent designs that I’ve created recently.  Most of them have a scriptural based theme which are intended to inspire and be a reminder as a visual symbol of gospel principals and others are just humorous situations that every returned missionary can relate to.  

Pictured throughout my Missionary TOONS series are our main Characters, Elders Pemberton and Green.  Two unlikely companions who find themselves growing together as they put forth their best efforts into getting along and sharing the gospel message.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed created them.


Scott T. Petersen
Animation Artist

  TV interview with Scott T. Petersen explaining Missionary TOONS artwork

30 sec. TV commercial for Golden Street Animation and their products

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Called to Serve - The iconic picture of Missionaries on their bikes

Missionary Angels -  A reminder of the extra help that comes from above to those who are engaged in the Lords work.
D&C 84:88
Moroni's Promise - At the end of the Book of Mormon is a promise that anyone may know for themselves if the book indeed comes from God by asking him through sincere prayer.

Green family Baptism - This scene is from the first Missionary Tales short film, The field is Green, showing a flash back of Elder Green and his family being taught by the missionaries and baptized into the church.

Enemy Dog - It does not matter where you serve in all the world, there are always neighborhood dogs who are anxious to greet the missionaries.
Isaiah 40:31

Empty Mailbox - A reminder to show support and love through writing to our missionaries.
Alma 60:6

Tracting Troubles - Awe…the joys of tracting! Following area maps, and searching for addresses, its something every missionary should experience. This picture also depicts the differences between our two missionarys personalities. Elder Greene is idealistic, positive and full of faith, while Elder Pemberton is more calculative, skeptical and laid back.
Hardship Hill - A reminder that we should not loose faith through our affictions, even when they seem endless. We are assured that if we endure them well, great blessings will follow.

I Can Prepare - 8 areas of focus to help those who wish to prepare for serving a full time mission.

Bus Stop - We should not be afraid to open our mouths, but be prepared for sharing the truths of the gospel at all times and in all places.
D&C 28:16

Member referral - Every member of the church is a missionary through word and deed. We should remember that the most effective method for finding investigators is through member referrals.
D&C 88:81

In Humble Prayer - As we humble ourselves before the Lord in Prayer, he gives us treasures of everlasting value.
D&C 19:38

Transfer Day can be a bitter sweet experience. It’s hard to say good bye after a friendship has been forged, but change can help us to learn and grow.

"Yea, Open your mouths"  - We shouldn't be afraid to open our mouth and share our testimonies of the gospel when we have the opportunity.

"Door Squashed" Elder Pemberton and Greene get accidentally squashed behind a door. This door squashed idea came from a story situation that was being developed for a film version.

"Go Ye Therfore" This scripture and picture illustrates the very reason and purpose for which we do missionary work.

End of the day - A reminder of the extra help that comes from above to those who are engaged in the Lords work. And also reminds me of how many times after a long days work I fell asleep during prayer.

MTC Food - This one is deffinately a favorite (must be true)

Elders Amor - Ephesians 16:10-18
Sisters Amor - Ephisians 6:10-18

Snake Pet

Armor of God - Ephesians 6:10-18

The Firey Darts of the adversary - Amor of God, Ephesians 6:10-18

Two by Two

Door bell
FBI Elders

Greenie - This is a shot from the "field is Green" short.

How great shall be your joy - Young elder Green meets the missionaries for the first time.  Flash back scene from "The field is Green short.

Tree Troubles

One way

To Every Creature - This picture really shows our two missionaries personalities

Happy Birthday Elder

Where two or three are gathered - This is a scene from the Field is Green short

Preach my gospel - This is another flash back scene showing Elder Green saying goodbye to his parents as he flies off to start his 2 year mission.

"White Christmas" Christmas in the mission field can be a unique and powerful experience as you teach about the Savior and his love for us

Companionship study (Lehi's Dream)

Biker Dude

Preperation Day (P-Day)

Enter in at the Gate - Original was done in 1991 while serving in the Quatemala Quetzaltenango mission.

Zone Conference

Welcome Home Elder

Stand Ye in Holy Places

From small and simple things shall great things come to pass

Congratulations on your baptism

Sister Missionaries - Set forth to serve

Couple Missionaries - Set forth to Serve

Missionary Magic - This was a very funny idea by my neice Brittney Hackett who also came up with the general layout.
It's Super Elder 

MTC Dork Dot - Every new missionary entering the MTC receives a red dot (pink for girls) to show that it is their first day at the missionary training center.
Seeds of faith 

Missionary savings bank

Are we there yet

Called to wear ties

Elders and Einstein

Forget yourself.

Early to rise - From the scripture "Early to bed, early to rise"  Good and healthy advise to us all.

"The Worth of Souls is great in the sight of God" (Still being colored.

Visiting the sick.  (service)

Visiting the sick (Service)

The field is white.  (Still being colored)

Golden Street Animation Productions - 3 min reel

Storyboard samples by Golden Street Animation

Character Design samples by Golden Street Animation Productions

Layout samples by Golden Street Animation Productions

Golden Street Animation production crews around the world

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